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Mother Earth Aromatherapy, has over 30 years of experience in design & product formulations. We would love to create your very own, exclusive range of quality ‘Natural Face & Body Care Products’ for your business.  We like to work closely with our clients, creating & manufacturing to your specific requirements, resulting in a range that we guarantee you will love!

We also have a range called our ‘Private Label Collection’ which is a viable & cost effective option to produce your own brand of products, featuring your company logo.

Mother Earth Aromatherapy offers your business the opportunity to have your own range of Natural Aromatherapy Body Care Products, featuring YOUR BUSINESS NAME, LOGO & DESIGN. Simply choose from our 'Private Label Collection' (request a pricelist)  forward us your business branding / style guide. We will manufacture your products and package them with attractive label designs, ready for sale!

~ Profit margins range between 100 - 125%
~ Batch amounts available in quantities of 50, 100 +   units per product
~ All products retail at very affordable prices

Exciting Opportunity for Business Expansion    I M A G I N E  your very own "Custom Designed & Manufactured' range of "Aromatherapy Skincare" created especially for your shop, salon, spa, online store OR luxury corporate gifts / promotional products. Mother Earth Aromatherapy offers an exciting opportunity for your business to grow & expand into the increasingly popular "Natural Aromatherapy Skincare" market, offering profit margins of 200%. Our Aromatherapist / Product Formulator will work closely with you, to design, create & manufacture to your specific needs & market... We guarantee you will love your range & welcome to the world of "Natural Goodness" for the Body, Mind & Soul, we look forward to working with you.

~ Profit margins range between 200 - 300%
~ Minimum batch quantity 250 + units per product
~ All products retail at very affordable prices

Step 1 - Introduction & Product Assessment

  1. Firstly you will need to determine exactly what products you require.  This includes, active ingredients, sizes, containers and marketing approach.
  2. A Custom Design / Contract Manufacture Application, regarding your products will be forwarded to you and must be completed and returned to us, prior to our initial meeting.
  3. Once we have reviewed the application and if we think we can assist you, a meeting will then be scheduled.
  4. The meeting will be held at our ‘Aromatherapy Studio’, in South Fremantle.  You will be shown our range of products, along with some samples of our existing Custom Design / Contract Work.  We will briefly discuss and outline your range / ideas and will provide you with some products, for you to personally sample.  After meeting with us and sampling our brand, you will then need to make a decision as to whether you would like us to continue with your design and manufacturing.


Step 2 - Design, Product Development & Quotation

  1. If you choose to proceed and would like us to design and develop, a second meeting will then be scheduled.
  2. At this meeting, we will share our thoughts and ideas with you, to finalise the finer design details. You will be required to pay a design and Development Fee, per product and enter into a Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreement with our company. This agreement simply protects all information that Mother Earth Aromatherapy will be releasing to you.
  3. Once both parties have signed all documentation and the design costs are paid, we will then, proceed with research, design, development and quotation.  In most cases, this is carried out within 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the number of products required and the complexity of the ingredients and design work.
  4. A third and final meeting will then be scheduled on completion of design / quote.  We will provide you with your product samples / quotation and other relevant information.


Step 3 - Production

  1. Upon sample approval you will then be required to enter into a Manufacturing Agreement.
  2. A written order along with a 50% deposit will also be required prior to commencement of production.


Product Formulation  -  All formulations created by Mother Earth Aromatherapy remain the property of Mother Earth Aromatherapy.


Design & Development Fee  -  Prior to quoting, your product must be created and a sample produced.  A design and development fee of $295 per product, will be charged for this process, this amount is ‘Non-refundable’.  To ensure your satisfaction, we will provide as many samples as required, until the desired results have been achieved.  We like to work closely with our clients, to ensure that we are producing exactly what you want and that you are 100 % happy with your products, prior to production.


Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreement  -  We hold Confidentiality  / Non Disclosure Agreements with all Custom Design / Contract Manufacturing clients.  This agreement must be entered into with Mother Earth, prior to design and quote. The agreement does not commit your company to an order, it simply protects all intelectual property, technical information and ideas that Mother Earth will release.  


Samples / Product Information / Quotation  -  Samples and Information Sheets on each product accompanied with a detailed quote will be provided
at your third meeting with us.  The Information sheet will detail – active ingredients, packaging suggestions, sizes, benefits / research and directions for use. All samples and information released by us will remain the property of Mother Earth Aromatherapy and must be returned if Contract Manufacturing does not proceed.


Minimum Run Size  -  Our minimum run size is 250 units per product line. 

Ingredients / Raw Materials  -  Our ingredients are sourced mainly from local Australian companies, with integrity, who supply genuine, quality ingredients.

Natural Skincare Products may vary slightly in consistency, colour and scent from batch to batch. The reason for this, is usually due to a new batch (harvest / yield) of raw ingredient.  This may result in a slightly different colour, texture or scent, in comparison with the previous batch. This can affect the end product, however, the change is usually very minimal.

Should you choose to use any 'Specialty Ingredients’, in your range eg: Argan Oil (imported from Morocco), your company will be required to purchase the product/s separately. This will obviously not be included in the product costing.


Manufacturing / Production Agreement  -  To protect both parties, we will jointly be required to sign a Manufacturing / Production Agreement, prior to production.  The terms of this agreement state, that the products will be exclusively manufactured by Mother Earth Aromatherapy, solely for your company and cannot be reproduced in any way.   


Containers / Jars / Bottles / Closures  -  We have a range of glassware that we recommend for packaging.  If you choose to use glassware / closures that you have sourced, we will happily assist with trials, to ensure that your chosen containers are suitable and seal tightly.  However, we take no responsibility, for any problems that may occur.  In the event of your company purchasing and supplying us with containers, they must be delivered directly to us and be fill-ready (all closures separate, removed from jar / bottle / tin).

PLEASE NOTE: Mother Earth Aromatherapy will not package in plastic.


Labelling Requirements  -  All products designed and manufactured by Mother Earth Aromatherapy must adhere to the following labelling requirements on all product labels / boxes / containers / tins etc.


  1. Exclusively designed & manufactured for ___________ (your company name), by Mother Earth Aromatherapy, copyright.
  2. Natural products may vary slightly in consistency, colour & scent, may also contain traces of herbal extract.
  3. Full ingredient listing – All ingredients from largest to smallest amounts.
  4. Patch test advisable.


Labelling Application & Packaging  -  In-house label application and packaging can be administered by Mother Earth, as an extra service.  Labelling costs are $30.00 per hour.  Our labelling / packaging team are efficient and precise.  Please advise us if you would like your packaging carried out by us and we will include this, as an extra cost, in your quotation.


Label Design / Label Printing  -  We work closely with a label company that specialise in short runs. Together we can create logos, carry out design work / product labels.  They produce quality waterproof, oil resistant labels, which are available in full colour and can be of any shape that you require (without die costs). The label stock is uv / oil / water resistant and available in satin gloss (matt finish look) and standard gloss.  Samples of our joint work can be viewed at our initial meeting.  If required we can organise a separate quote for this extra service to produce and supply your product labels.


Consultation Fee  -  A Consultation Fee of $50.00 per hour will be charged, by Mother Earth Aromatherapy for any extra services, which include - sourcing specialised ingredients / packaging, liaising with graphic artists and printers. 


Indicative Lead Times  -  DESIGN & FORMULATION:  between 1 – 2 weeks, dependent on the complexity of the formulations, utilising standard raw ingredients. If you require specialised Ingredients or containers, that you have instructed us to source, please allow up to 1 month, allowing for delivery of goods.

PRODUCTION:  After a written order and 50% deposit of total cost has been received, completion of the final product/s will take up to 4 weeks, dependent on the amount of lines in your range and allowing delivery time for specialised ingredients / containers, if required.


Freight / Charges & Payment Terms  -  FREIGHT:  For local customers in Western Australia, we prefer, products to be collected, by you, from our Aromatherapy Studio.  We would like the opportunity to show you your range and discuss any issues or questions that you may have.

For Eastern States / Country clients, if you require us to send your goods, they will be packed for shipment, however the costs of freight will be your responsibility.  We recommend that insurance is taken out at time of booking / making transportation arrangements.

CHARGES: All prices quoted are without GST.  This is a standard 10% which is added, onto the end of all invoices.

PAYMENT TERMS: All contract manufacturing is C.O.D; Mother Earth must receive payment prior to goods leaving our business premises.

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