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It’s a pleasure to write about the five years of trading with Hellene and staff of Mother Earth Aromatherapy. I was initially so impressed with their zest for positive business and friendly efficient management. Then really, once having smelt and used the products I couldn’t help but expand my range of products here, as they have grown, from strength to strength.

 The packaging and choice of products fills a comfortable niche in our store and I have enormous faith in their new products and displays. I have to say too, the service and generosity these women offer in their dealings is extraordinary! 

I celebrate five years of great trading with Mother Earth Aromatherapy.

Janey Marsh ~ Ark of Joan ~ South Terrace Piazza ~ Fremantle, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I Bernadette a seventeen year old female, would like to thank Mother Earth Aromatherapy for its improvement to my skin. From the age of sixteen I’ve had really dry, pimply, red skin, it was that bad that it got to the point where I wouldn’t go out on weekends because makeup wouldn’t cover it. I went and visited doctors, skin specialists and even beauticians, so they could help me with the problem. They couldn’t, they put me on all types of medication and products that weren’t helping to improve my skin.

I gave my skin a rest for a month when I was wandering through some shops and I saw Mother Earth Aromatherapy and thought I would give it a go.I’ve been using Mother Earth Aromatherapy now for about four months and it has been fantastic, I have seen a huge improvement, it’s made my skin feel so soft and smooth. No more pimples and no more red skin. I do modeling and promotion work for a modeling agency and they are also very impressed, in the past three months I’ve had heaps more work, it’s been great and this is because of the change in my skin. 

I would just like to thank Mother Earth Aromatherapy so very much as it has given me happiness about my skin. I can’t thank you enough. Mother Earth Aromatherapy Forever.

Bernadette De Candia ~ Spearwood, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy,

My name is Natalie Pokorna. I am writing to you as I wish to compliment the Inventor of Mother Earth Products and the people who put all the love in the products and make it.  

Over the years I have found that my skin is extremely sensitive and reacts very badly to chemically perfumed and based products, the sun and stress. Mother Earth products have not only helped heal most if not all my skin irritations caused by the above factors but they also smell and feel fantastic on the skin.

I’m a huge believer in natural healing and it is really nice to know that the old ways of healing are used and work in the new world. I have used these products for two years now and will continue to use these products for as long as they are manufactured. Thank you again for the good healing and best of luck to your company.

Natalie Pokorna ~ Duncraig, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I absolutely love your products. I have worked for what seems like a zillion years in cosmetics from Dior, Lancome & Arden lets say the list is endless and then a couple of months ago your products were used on me during a facial.  From the fragrance, the feel of the product and how it makes my skin glow, the budget price PLUS the fact that it is a home grown Australian product … I LOVE IT! 

believe the products sell themselves. I couldn’t stand to be without them, congratulations … as I said I really adore your products.

Deirdree Wallace ~ Windsor, Queensland

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I have been meaning to write to you to let you know how much I am enjoying using your products. What has prompted me to write is that last night after I scrubbed and put on my mud mask my husband commented on how lovely I smelt and how good my skin has been looking. By the way, I am finding the scrub to be excellent. 

I had been using *********** products for over 10 years and had never received such comments before! I think the quality of the products and their packaging is exceptional and it is quite refreshing to actually buy Natural Skincare Products that aren’t full of “fillers”. 

You certainly have made my Christmas Shopping a breeze and no doubt your clientele will grow substantially in forthcoming years…

Kylie Dixon ~ Mullaloo, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth,

My name is Candy and I am writing to you from Dunsborough. I am 26 and have never in my time been impressed by any skincare range, and I have tried many. I have bought your complete skincare range following my intuition without even testing the products.

In three days of using the products I have seen remarkable results. My skin is no longer dry. My dark patches have gone and I actually look younger. (I know, I sound like an info-mercial).  I just ad to put pen to paper and thank you! You have created something pure, something that is a part of nature and not actually destroying it. Having done Reiki, I commend you on the whole concept - packaging, product and the love that you put in with the Ingredients.

I don’t mean to sound over the top but I am just so happy with ‘Mother Earth’ and I am even happier knowing that there are people out there doing such wonderful things for the universe. Well done and thank you.

Candy McKay ~ Dunsborough, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the Scar Tissue Cream. I recently had chicken pox and my face and neck were covered with pox marks. 

Joan Ashcroft ~ Boyanup, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth, 

I have been using Rose Geranium Complete Cream for my eczema. After 3 days of application the eczema disappears. It has also been successful for many of my friends who I have recommended it to. 

Jemma Doak ~ Fremantle, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth, 

I rang your business today enquiring about your Lavender Facial Mist Toner. My daughter lived in Margaret River and whilst there bought your products. I was one of the lucky ones to receive a bottle of the Lavender Facial Mist Toner. I have always kept the bottle hoping that one day I can find out where you are and order more...I have looked in various department stores in Melbourne, and not found a Lavender water as nice as your product… it is a great pick me up! I remember my daughter saying how you had so many nice products, thanking you.

Mrs Margaret Hinds ~ Austins Ferry, Tasmania

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy,

Last week whilst walking past your display I got a lovely whiff of roses and I turned back to enquire. I bought a jar of your Complete Cream - Rose Geranium and just want to say how pleased I am with the cream after only 2 – 3 days use. 

I have terribly dry skin on my hands and feet and have had trouble for many years. I am 68 but began to have dermatitis at about 30. Many doctors and skin specialists later - poorer but no better… I get cracks in my fingers which do not heal without a plaster on them. At the moment my hands look good and feel nice too…

Mrs Murray ~ East Moree, NSW

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I have been using the Scar Cream twice a day on my 15 month old little boy for two months now. My son split his forehead, approx 1.5cm long and 0.5cm wide. Because of his age it would not suture, instead they glued the wound. This did not work, he was left with a big wide scar.

After using the cream the scar has reduced in size. Approximately one hour after applying the cream the redness reduced greatly in the scar. The doctors stated he may need plastic Surgery. After using the cream this will not be necessary.

Hillary Sansom ~ Swansea, NSW

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product, Rose Geranium Complete Cream.  Since a chance trial at the Bindoon Show a couple of years ago, I discovered to my delight the Rose Geranium Complete Cream actually repaired mild skin cancers that had started to scale and scab on my arms and legs. I do hope this advice may assist others with a similar problem.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter had a small skin cancer forming on her neck. After a short time it has completely disappeared. Best of luck with your product, make sure it continues to be available.

Peter Huges ~ Mermaid Beach, Queensland

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy,

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such beautiful products and for getting them to me so quickly! I faxed an Order on Friday afternoon and had everything I had ordered (and a little present - extra big thank you for that one!) this morning, Monday!

I love your products and love your service. Lovely products that feel and SMELL beautiful. Thank you again for the Foot Soother Cream - spearmint - it is divine!

Carly Paradis ~ Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful Rose Geranium Complete Cream. For years I have suffered from splitting, flaking, soft and discoloured nails. The products I have tried and taken are too numerous to mention, but after using your cream every night for 2 months my nails are healthy and shiny.

Not only am I delighted with the results but the cream has been a joy to use. That lovely texture and fragrance, the jar is beautiful. Most of all I really believe that what it says on the label is true. Made with Love for Healing. Thankyou.

Sheila Creasy ~ Perth, Western Australia

Dear Mother Earth Aromatherapy, 

I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful, lovely scented creams and potions! I especially love the Hand & Body Lotion - ylang ylang.  Keep up the super work!

Laura Martinazzo ~ Joondanna, Western Australia
 (08) 9433 3040 

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