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Welcome to MEA       

We have created a range of beautifully blended face & body care products, in harmony with the earth.

The entire range was born from a genuine desire to create, with love & care, a truly unique skincare range, which delivers on its promise - natural nourishment & nurturing for the body, mind & soul.

We offer you, the women of today - quality, economical, effective & truly natural products, which are made from only the purest botanical ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.


Every ingredient used to make our products are clearly displayed on the labels.



Our excellent products are extremely well priced  - we provide a quality natural range at truly competitive prices with most lines  retailing under $39.95  Market research has shown that women of all ages are regular users of our MEA & our prices are extremely affordable.


S E R V I C E 

Service is important to us…the friendly efficient staff at Mother Earth Aromatherapy are always available to assist you in every way possible.


C O N T R A C T     M A N U F A C T U R I N G 

Develop your own range! Mother Earth Aromatherapy can easily design, create & package your own specialised range or product, exclusively for your store only. We specialise in small runs which make it an extremely viable option to produce your own brand product in-store.


U N I Q U E N E S S    &    T O T A L   Q U A L I T Y 

Mother Earth Aromatherapy nourishing skincare products use ONLY PURE & FRESH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS, direct from Mother Earth herself. Our products are manufactured under the most stringent quality control measures in our Fremantle studio in Western Australia.

We really do care about the contents of our products!  We source the freshest & most natural ingredients possible, for the creation of Mother Earth Aromatherapy.


C H E M I C A L    F R E E   &   N A T U R A L 

Our products contain only the purest of essential oils, vegetable & nut oils, herbal & floral infusions, fresh rainwater, herbal extracts & raw materials respectfully taken from nature.

Many consumers are unaware that a product need only be 5% natural to earn the term ‘natural’, many products often contain a few drops of essential oil or 5% base/healing oil, unfortunately the balance of the product can contain questionable chemicals and be labelled ‘natural’. Sad but true!


E S S E N T I A L   O I L S    -   N A T U R E S   P E R F U M E

Mother Earth Aromatherapy has created the entire range of exquisite aromatherapy products,  based on the powerful effects of essential oils.  Essential oils are pure plant essences which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the body & mind emotionally & physically.  Many products available on the market today use ‘fragrant oils’ for their scent – these synthetic aromas are produced in laboratories & are toxic to the body.  The only scents in our products are the beautiful aromas offered by Mother Earth herself! Clean & natural, pure health!


NA T U R A L   C O L O U R S

We pride ourselves on the natural appearance of our products which are coloured as nature intended. No artificial colours are added to our products.  We use a variety of pure ingredients such as french clays, ground herbs, extracts & tinctures to create beautiful earthy coloured products! 


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