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ILLUMINATE - RADIANCE - Body Butter - infused with moonstone crystal chips - 140ml

Suitable for ALL skin types - Shimmery & illuminating. So gorgeous, enhanced with golden Mica to add warmth, shine & luminosity to your skin.  A touch of bronze, for a year-round glow. Formulated with a perfect blend of moisturising oils & waxes to enrichen & soften.  Enhanced with a sweet & spicy blend of cinnamon, frangipani, lemon verbena, grapefruit & melissa. Allow your inner light to shine.

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Repeat MANTRA:
"My inner light shines brightly. I am in alignment with flow & easily attract all that I desire. I choose light"

Rainwater infusion of calendula flowers, calendula extract, polawax, cocoa butter, oils of sesame, sunflower, jojoba, calendula, pure vitamin e, essential oils of frangipani, lemon verbena, melissa, cinnamon, pink grapefruit, infused with love, reiki & charged with moonstone crystals.

Allow your inner light to shine. Use with intention & thoughts of the energy of light, illuminating a pathway to balance & harmony. For an intensive moisturising treatment, use twice daily, morning & night, apply to entire body. Perfect for those warm summer nights to enhance a golden glow.

Our gorgeous products are not tested on animals & have been proven, for over 30 years, to be very safe & effective for all skin types, including sensitive, however, a small patch test is advisable. All batches are lovingly, hand-made, with natural, raw ingredients from Mother Earth, herself, therefore, products may vary slightly in consistency, colour & scent from batch to batch & may contain traces of herbal extract.

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